Home Ready Services We Provide:

On your journey to homeownership here are some of the steps we will assist you with:

  • Deciding where you want to live
  • Knowing what you can afford
  • Preparing your credit
  • Choosing the best mortgage

Membership Benefits:

  • Down Payment Assistance Program
  • Access to Line of Credit
  • Access to Premier Realtor
  • Access to Premier Mortgage
  • Access to Premier Insurance
  • A Chase Home Ready Specialist
  • Chase HomePath E-Store

Credit Worthiness:

Your credit is important and our Chase HomePath Credit Builder, will assist you by improving your credit and strengthen your credit score. As, you consult with a Chase HomePath Credit Builder, they will assist you with a personalized solution, to establish a credit presence and maintain a good credit history. The Credit Specialist will guide you to a better and stronger Credit.  We are passionate about helping people navigate the mysterious world of credit & guiding them to the right decisions.  We offer you a line to credit through our proud partner American Finance Corp., to assist in establishing or reestablishing your credit worthiness.


We help you determine what you can afford based on your income, credit rating, current monthly expenses, down payment and the interest rate. You will have access to budgeting programs that will assist you in maintaining your financial stability. Learn how to buy the home you love and actually being able to afford it.

In need of down payment assistance? You may be able to get help through bond and grant programs offered in your local area. We have several options that are administered through local, state and non-profit agencies. Know what mortgages saves you money. We assist you with deterring affordability and what works for you financially.


The single most effective way to prepare consumers for homeownership is to educate them on the process of home buying, learning the importance of making wise financial decisions and setting goals to reach financial stability. You will learn how to get pre-approved. How to choose a real estate agent, neighborhood and house. Understanding what to expect after you sign on the dotted line.